Call for Submissions - Whitewater Park Restoration Project

The purpose of our search is to gather personal histories to be included in historical articles. The articles will be stored on a website and QR codes placed along a walking trail in the park will connect to the articles. The project is being completed by the Hartney School Graduating Class of 2022 under the guidance of Tracey Salamondra and in collaboration with the Whitewater Park Restoration Committee.


The articles will reference museum artifacts and contain researched material from sources such as the Manitoba Historical Society and the Elgin Echoes history book. We hope to include personal histories and oral stories in our research. We are interested in interviewing or hearing the stories of people connected to the town of Elgin. We have included a list of the preliminary topics we are interested in:


Personal Stories of Life in Elgin

Town Builders

Elgin Business History

Historical Role of Women in Elgin

Pre-European Contact Artifacts and

Oral Histories

Sports Teams and Competitions


Agriculture (Implements, Trains, 4H)

Military History

Historical Events


Accepted Forms

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will be accepting written pieces, digital copies of photographs, zoom interviews, or phone call interviews. Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated by the Graduating Class of 2022 and our partner organizations. If you are interested in a Zoom or phone interview, please contact the supervisors below to arrange a time.

All pieces must be received by April 20, 2021.


Contact Information:

Tracey Salamondra

Email - traceysalamondra@shmb.ca

(204) 483-6295

Shannon Combs

Email - shannoncombs@shmb.ca

(204) 483-6295



This project will be stored on the internet and available for use by the public. The QR codes will be found in Whitewater Park in Elgin. All information you provide may or may not be included in the project.